Emergency Procedures & Health and Safety


Emergencies can happen at any time. Our school is prepared and has a plan in place to respond to emergencies to minimise the effects to students and staff.

In the event of a fire or earthquake Kelson School will follow the procedures as recorded in their Earthquake and Emergency Procedures document. You can click on the “links & Downloads” at the bottom of this page to read or download the full document.

The emergency plan focuses on emergencies where school staff will need to take immediate, self-directed actions such as fire, earthquake and lockdown.
During or prior to the onset of other types of emergency, officials such as Police, Civil Defence, The Ministry of Education, or the Met Service will provide official advice and guidance

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Emergency Food Packs

To be prepared for an emergency, we require ALL children to bring to school the following Items:

  • Small tin meal (can be eaten cold) 
  • small tin of fruit snack items 
  • 6-10 (wrapped) barley sugar lollies 
  • plastic spoon 
  • large plastic bag (large black bin liners) 


The items are to be packed into a plastic ice-cream container. 
Please remember to NAME each child’s pack. The pack will be returned to you at the end of each year.

Health and Safety on Site

If you spot a health or safety issue around our school site you can click here to report it to us.

Many thanks for your support in keeping our site a safe place to be.

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In the event of an emergency Kelson School is a Civil Defence Centre.