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“After years of experience running successful restaurants all around Wellington, and now also 18 months of successfully feeding several thousand school children a day across the Wellington region, Kāpura is proud to launch – Lunch PackA quick, easy, and healthy way to feed your children at school! Our menu provides delicious hot meal options and our tasty (as well as nutritionist and Ministry of Education approved!) healthy cold meal options to ensure you’ve got both convenience and choice in your school lunch options – and at an affordable price too!”

How to order:

It’s simple; all you need to do is register at and follow the easy steps to get started.  NOTE: The password for all Kelson Parents is KPS43

  1. Register an account.
  2. Add member/s including your child’s name and classroom.
  3. Select your lunch and place an order. Orders need to be placed by midnight on Saturday.

School Bank Account Details

Kelson School Board Of Trustees Account – Voluntary School Donations and fees such as Sports, Technology, etc
02 0528 0314753 00

Kelson School Fundraising Account – Fundraising Events
02 0528 0239028 00

For all payments, please put your child’s name, class and what you are paying for as reference