Our Clubs

The Garden Club

Our Garden club has been running since the beginning of 2018 and has the focus “From the Garden to Table”. Kelson School has a wonderful space in which to grow their “edible” garden. There is a group of avid gardeners that meet 3 – 4 lunchtimes a week to look after a very productive veggie patch. The students are from across the school, and we get a varying number each session. They weed, plant and water to keep the vegetables growing.

Once the vegetables have grown the students have a “Cooking Class” to learn how to make delicious recipes from their produce. The group have also planted trees around the school as well as a Harakeke garden that hopefully we will be able to harvest flax from in a few years time. The group also looks after the fruit trees on the school grounds. The garden club is led by the wonderfully green fingered teacher Mrs Cuthbert.

The Enviro Club

Our Enviro Club began in 2018. It began with a small group of 6 students and has quickly expanded to a group of 20. Each year the students have to apply to be part of the group. We have achieved our Bronze status and are working towards our Silver Status.

The enviro Group have worked on instigating new programs across the school, including:

  • Paper recycling (we swap our paper recycling for trees)
  • Nude Food lunch boxes (where we encourage the discontinuation of single use plastic)
  • Walking School Bus promotion as part of Movin March
  • Being part of Predator free Pareraho – we have traps set around the school grounds and traps are loaded to TRAPNZ and catches are recorded.
  • They have designed and planted Butterfly gardens


Our Enviro club also enjoys field trips to help with planting in our community as well as visiting sanctuaries to learn about pest control and sustainability. Our Enviro Club is led by two teachers, Mrs Smith and Mrs Hall

The Chess Club

“Every chess master was once a beginner.”
Irving Chernev

Our Chess Club began with just a few students but now boasts over 25 regular playing members from years 3-6. The chess club is held on Monday Lunchtime in the School Library and early in the year we give lessons to beginners.

The club applied for and received funds for new chess sets, tournament clocks and a teaching board from our schools fundraising committee. This equipment has allowed our teams to prepare for competitions at local and national level. Our successes grow with every tournament we enter. This past year we have been entering online tournaments but hopefully we can get back playing face to face this year!

Our chess club has amazing parent helpers who are dedicated to help our chess champions. Craig Coles, who has two children at the school, gives up his time to come in to coach our chess kids. Craig along with our Librarian, Mrs Wright and three other parent helpers complete an awesome team to help Kelson kids to achieve well in tournaments throughout the year. If your child likes chess or wants to learn how to play, talk to Mrs Wright.