Our Values

Kelson School students STRIVE to do the RITE thing


Our students show RESILIENCE through our positive attitude to our learning and friendships. They support each other, they are resourceful and are problem solvers. Our students rise to everyday challenges with optimism and are not afraid to make mistakes or take risks in their learning. They keep trying even when learning or events are hard or new.


Our students show INTEGRITY by being thoughtful, well-mannered and think about others, both children and adults. They show empathy, by being inclusive, always showing how we care, help and support others in our community. We show respect for ourselves, for others, for the school’s property and for our wonderful environment. Our students are honest, reliable and dependable and have a responsibility for their own actions especially when they make mistakes.


Our students show TEAMWORK by working collaboratively with each other towards common goals. Our students know how to take turns and play fair. Students are able to work with a range of other students bringing together their individual skills and talents to problem solve and attain goals in their learning and activities. Their ideas are shared, roles are assigned and they listen to each other. Teammates depend on each other and respect is built and given for everyone’s contributions.


Our students show EXCELLENCE by always being enthusiastic about school, always trying their best in class, in the playground and are open to new opportunities and learning. Excellence is never easy, but our students are encouraged to be confident, inspiring and self motivating. Our students aspire to be the best person that they can be both in their learning and as young people


Our STRIVE skills underpin our school values. The STRIVE skills focus on the key core skills that we believe our students need to develop as they journey through our school, in order to become successful lifelong learners. By the end of their journey our students show STRIVE through: