It takes a village to raise a child...

Behaviour Expectations.

Kelson School is a PB4L School.

What is PB4L at Kelson School? PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) is a framework that has been in development across NZ since 2012. PB4L reflects individual schools and is flexible and changeable over time. At Kelson School we began our PB4L journey in 2019. We are currently a Tier 1 school, working towards Tier 2. The resources on this page are used throughout the school and are designed to reflect us. 

Our Purpose Statement

At Kelson School we believe that our most valuable resources are our staff and our students. By promoting the best aspects within these groups, the community benefits as a whole. It takes a village to raise a child. At Kelson School we believe in student centred learning and restorative practice. As a result, we try to promote positive and expected behaviours through rewards and encouragement. When undesired behaviour occurs restorative practice and discussions are used to encourage the expected behaviour. The expected behaviours are taught and modelled throughout the year.

Restorative Practice and Language

Restorative Language is a key part of managing behaviour in the classroom and playground. Our goal is to get the child to reflect on their behaviour and ready to return to their classroom. This is done through open dialogue and non-judgemental language. The goal is for the child to describe and take ownership of what they did. This starts with asking for their side of the story, listening and not judging. Then carefully questioning the child so as they describe what happened, rather than they are told what happened. If the process is successful, the child is then able to go and talk with other people that are involved in the incident. They will also be able to take steps to amend and learn from what they have done. 
Key points that we focus on are: 
  • Using non-judgemental language 
  • Using a calm level voice 
  • Allowing children time to think 
  • Repeating back what they have said to you 
  • Listening attentively 
  • Being firm but fair 
  • Avoid escalating the situation

Kelson School Values Tokens

At Kelson School desired behaviours are acknowledged through our school wide values tokens. These tokens acknowledge our values of Resilience, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence. They provide the opportunity to instantly recognise and talk about our values as they are exhibited by our students throughout the school day. These are meant to be fair and frequent. It is expected that 90% of our students would regularly receive these tokens. These tokens run beside the classroom reward systems. The values tokens add up to the whole school community reward. Tokens are collected weekly and added to the school tokens collection box. When a box is full a school wide reward will occur.